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This is a listing of registered Independent Keola® Instructors who offer real time Keola® classes in their business or ministry. They are listed in alphabetical order by state. Click on any website to learn more about their services and certifications.

For live virtual Saturday morning classes with Keola® creator, Alli Becker, click here.

Please Note: These are independent instructors, separate entities from Keola Fit, LLC. They have completed the online Keola® training course, have agreed to all Terms of Use associated with the intellectual property and trademarks connected to Keola®, and hold a license to use that property in their business, ministry, or personal sphere of influence. These instructors are not employed by Keola Fit, LLC, nor are their endeavors monitored by us. We wholeheartedly support them as sisters in Jesus, connect and pray for them regularly, but Keola Fit, LLC is not liable for any accidents, injuries, illnesses (including COVID), or offenses resulting from your exposure to or participation in any of their products or services. It is our heart to help empower others in Christ, personally and professionally. We pray you will be blessed by the obedience and love each of these instructors share. We'd love to hear how you've been impacted! Email [email protected] with any personal stories or if you encounter an instructor who is not on this list. See How We Train
Lauren H.

New Jersey

ACE Certified

Virtual Classes

Spring In-Person Classes Dates TBA

Email: [email protected]

Adrienne Edge

Summerville, SC

Certified Family Health Coach, Dr Sears Wellness Institute®

Virtual Classes

ProFIT Family Wellness

Kristi Stephens

Knoxville, TN

ACE Certified

In-Person Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays & Private Coaching

865.310.6036 for information

Link Coming Soon!

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