A Mind-Body+ and Christian Yoga Alternative

Keola® Christian Fitness is more than a mind-body exercise and Christian yoga alternative. We offer something (and Someone) extra, because YOU are more than just a mind and body. You are spirit and soul. We give you great movement and wellness resources that help you physically, but we also share the tools God gives to strengthen your soul, steady your faith in Jesus, and revive your spirit. This online studio school is new (started just this year), but we've been doing this for over 12 years.

Physical Training: Good. Training for Godliness: Better... Promising benefits now and forever. (1 Timothy 4:8)

What These Courses Do:

Build you Physically

Offering powerful, effective, scientifically-backed movement techniques to improve your health.

Empower You Spiritually

Saturating you with the Word and Spirit to build you up in Christ.

Challenge You to Be Different

Encouraging you to walk the hard, thin line and follow Jesus each day.

"I chose love as my fruit to focus on today, then His words through you were exactly the same!" - Nina

Best Place To Start

Keola® Fit & Fiery Club Streaming

Monthly Subscription

Access every workout program with a Bible study, downloadable YouTube workouts, NEW programs and courses as they become available, EXCLUSIVE content, a streamable version of the Keola® Position Flashcards AND short videos of the newest Keola® positions as they continue to roll out (this is the only all inclusive position resource available).

Over $250 worth of content in this new membership launched in June and more coming every month!

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"Totally shifted my thinking. Made my eating and exercising more Christ-centered." - Betsy

Hi, I’m Alli,

ACE Certified fitness instructor and health coach, B.S. Biochemistry, creator of Keola®, a Christian mind-body fitness program and alternative to yoga, and Keola Fit, LLC founder.

I've been praying for as long as I can remember. God has been my Father, First Confidante, and Friend. I have maintained that intimate relationship throughout the years, even through very difficult and confusing times. I am passionate about helping others grow in their relationship with the Lord through an intentional, Spirit-led life filled with prayer, active faith, humility, abiding in the Word and Jesus (the very Word in the flesh), and lots of grace.

The courses in this school offer just some of the things I've learned as I've given my "Yes!" to God in the measure I knew how. I hope they are a blessing to you and encourage you to crush all excuses to not do what He's asking and trust Him with the process!