Exchange Stolen Focus For Steel Focus


Do you find yourself easily distracted? Does worry consume your thoughts more than you'd like it to? Have healthy eating and exercise habits taken a back seat to other priorities? Do you want to grow in your faith and intimacy with God, but haven't found the time?

It feels like there has never been a more necessary time to learn how to step away from things that are vying for your attention, confusing, angering, causing anxiety, sabotaging good habits, and stealing your focus.

If you can relate to any of that...

This course can help! What's going on in your mind affects you and is a driving force of many of your choices. For over 13 years, I've been dealing with people (Christians!) who are busy, distracted with media, don't realize how important their thought life is, or just need help with their emotional and physical decisions.

I've learned there are some pretty consistent reasons for all of these issues... So, we're gonna tackle them - one by one - starting with your mind, moving on to your body (exercise and nutritional habits) and relational health. Science is only just scratching the surface of this mind-body-action connection, but God knows the deep things. He wants to support you in all of these areas. Are you ready to do this with Him?


One 5ish minute video per day, plus some workouts and action steps to easily incorporate into your schedule making it simple, yet intentional.

Small Steps To:

  • Dismantle and Remove What Is Stealing Your Focus
  • Enter Into a Healthy and Godly Love of Self and Others
  • Improve the Quality and Quantity of Your Time With God
  • Make Better Choices Nutritionally, Physically, Mentally, and Relationally: Motivated by Grace & Empowered by Holy Spirit
  • Be a Victorious Christian Who Shines For Jesus In a Dark World

Start NOW!

You have a few free trial and course options:

1) Grab the Studio School Freebie: 7 Day Focus Challenge that allows you to participate in the first week of this powerful course for FREE. No obligation to continue. No automatic payments post-trial. Only 14 days of free access to complete the week's material.

2) Receive free access to the first 7 days of this course and all other non-instructor Studio School resources through the Keola® Fit & Fiery Club. All the included courses, plus some exclusive Club member only perks are yours to enjoy for as long as you maintain your monthly membership. You will also receive a daily email with guidance on what Club content might be good for you, encouragement, recipes and tips for holistic health in Jesus. That email is not course specific so you won't receive the automatic emails associated with this 30 day challenge, but it will offer you a reminder to go to jump online and engage with this powerful course daily. Free for 7 days only. Automatic monthly membership charge beginning on your 8th day. Cancel anytime.

3) You can purchase this course in full right now. Receive daily emails as reminders and little glimpses of the day's content. No future payments. No break in moving on for the full 30 days and no expiration to your course access within the School.

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Hi, I'm Alli!

ACE Certified fitness instructor and health coach, B.S. Biochemistry, creator of Keola®, a Christian mind-body fitness program and alternative to yoga, and Keola Fit, LLC founder.

I've been praying for as long as I can remember. God has been my Father, First Confidante, and Friend. I have maintained that intimate relationship throughout the years, even through very difficult and confusing times, like a hard marriage and the loss of my 9 year old son. I am passionate about helping others grow in their relationship with the Lord through an intentional, Spirit-led life filled with prayer, active faith, humility, abiding in the Word and Jesus (the very Word in the flesh), and lots of grace.

The courses in this school offer just some of the things I've learned as I've given my "Yes!" to God in the measure I knew how, as well as some of the encouragement I've personally received from Him in the fires of life. I hope they are a blessing to you and encourage you to crush all excuses to not do what He's asking, to trust Him in the process, and to know that He is genuinely Good through and through. He loves you and forgives you, Dear Reader!