Have you experienced a deep loss that has been making your world feel upside down and gray in a way that you just can't break free from?

Trauma and grief not only have the power to affect our outlook and emotions but can have an impact on our bodies. This special night, held on the anniversary of my son's passing, is skillfully designed to bring a little hope, peace, and joy back to your heart while offering you tools to nurture your body and mind back to vibrant life.

Watch this video to learn more:

Live Special Event Details:

  • Learn about how grief and trauma can affect the body

  • Hear a beautiful example of "Where were you on that one, God?” from the Word to know that you are not alone in your grief and reignite hope in God’s power, love and good plans

  • 45+ minutes of Keola® to nurture focus, faith, peacefulness, and target areas of muscle tension (all fitness levels)

  • Tips from a holistic nutritionist that support restored balance where your body may be depleted

  • Receive prayer and special gifts* to help you remember, absorb, and use what you've learned to keep nurturing healing and joy on your journey.

*The evening included special gifts delivered directly to your door (a $50 value) for actively paying VIP Keola Fit & Fiery Club members.

Catch the Special Edition Replay Resource to be blessed by this amazing event.