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Stay Well Off the Grid

After my son died, we spent two summers in our RV driving across Canada in both directions. We went to so many peaceful areas that were new to us, untainted by people, and full of God's handiwork and Presence... safe places to process, grieve, and begin healing.

One caveat of that wonderful opportunity was a lack of WIFI. We had service in another country, but most of the remote, nature centered places didn't have the conveniences of our digital world. That was both a blessing and a difficulty at times. For me, the major lifestyle disruption was not having access to video workouts.

I want to remedy that for those of you hitting the open road, following our Father to a distant, third world mission field, or spending some leisure time with loved ones. You may have flights, long periods in a vehicle, or other obstacles to regular movement, but you can still support your body and prioritize your soul.

Keola® Workouts In This Resource:

This course offers 12 downloadable workouts. They include everything for your fitness needs: cardio, mat-based strength, as well as restorative stretching. Scroll down to see equipment needed.

Keola® Cardio Option

30 Min HIIT Workout: Low & High Impact w/ Balance & Stretch | Keola® Fitness for Spirit, Soul, Body

Keola® Cardio Low Mobility

30 Min Interval Workout w/ Balance & Stretch for Low Mobility/ Post-Illness

Keola® Core & Strength

30 Min Keola® Core, Balance, Posture, and Strength with Optional Weights to Kick Your Strength Gains Up a Notch | A Personal Favorite!

Keola® Core Active Recovery

Keola® Workout Active Recovery and Gentle Strength for Off Days | 35 Min Stretching & Core

Keola® Core Flow

15 min Keola® Core: Standing Abs | Great Beginner Choice

Keola® Son Series: 3 Ways

Keola® Christian Yoga Alternative | Transitional Son Series - Stretch. Strength. Celebrate Jesus.

Keola® Restorative Stretching

30 Min Restorative Chair Keola® for Neck & Shoulders | Stretching. Gentle Strength.

Keola® BONUS Outdoor Core

Keola® Core Shredding SUP Workout | 20 Min Strength & Stretch on the Paddle Board in God's Presence (Can Do On a Mat, Too)

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You will need a sticky mat for all of these workouts (except the SUP, unless you perform it without a paddle board). A few of the workouts use tennis shoes and a chair. Those are the only requirements, but this list offers some of the other equipment used... easy to pack up in an RV, vehicle, or even a plane (although I'd probably personally nix the weights with baggage limits). If you are camping, a picnic table will work well for the chair-based workouts.

Optional Workout Equipment:

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In Loving Memory of a Pretty Amazing Kid

This course is in memory of my son, Bill. He was a fierce lover of Jesus and an encouraging champion of my Gospel sharing & Keola® ventures.

You are immensely missed, sweet boy! I can't wait to celebrate forever all that God does through this and see all He did that we didn't see while you were here with you. I know you are still cheering me (and the whole family) on!