"Hope" Keola® Workout | A Free Gift: Downloadable Video

If hope deferred makes the heart sick, then those of us in the waiting wrestle with difficult emotions. Those heavy emotions can impact our bodies and performance with tasks at work and home. They can also influence us to be less than our best relationally.

Guess what? God knows this! His gifts to us through our faith in Jesus are able to strengthen and heal us in those areas of emotional triggers. Keola® shares those spiritual tools while moving through workouts that utilize the physical tools that support wellness in the areas of your body affected by stress. 

Today, I want to give you this mat-based workout called “Hope”. Jump into health movement and listen to a message that unfolds how God uses what the enemy means for harm and turns it for our good. Your life is in His kind, safe, nail-pierced hands. Be encouraged in hope and faith as you move with me and spend time with Him!

Your Free Workout:

Improve core strength, performance, and mobility. These low impact movements efficiently work your abdominals, back, thigh, and arm muscles, while dynamically and statically stretching and proclaiming your identity in Christ, e.g. Enduring, Empowered, Humbled, Hopeful, His Child.