Your First Stretch!


I am so glad you chose to work out with me and want to pray for you right now as you prepare to begin...

Father God, I thank you for my friend, Your friend. I pray that you give them the consistency they need to follow along with this course daily. Use this course to ignite them to make good choices of love to themselves and others. Lord, use it to free them from any constraints and bondage the enemy has been holding them back with. Empower them by Your Holy Spirit. I pray for physical releases as they move, emotional release as they listen, and spiritual growth as they grab hold of the faith and truth You are offering them through Your Word. Your Word is a lamp. Set them on a path to greater freedom in Your Son and give them all they need to persevere in everything you are calling them to. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

Heads up, you will need a chair for this first workout (and tomorrow). You will be getting these little pre-video messages in your inbox as gentle reminders to log in and encourage you to make this healthy choice each day, but your content will be unlocked each morning so feel free to do it before you receive that email.

Excited for you!


I hope you loved that! Get ready for nine more to acclimate your body and mind to rest. See you again soon!