Did You Know Stress is a Major Cause of Doctor Visits?


Did you know some experts estimate 75-90% of doctors visits are stress related? This course is designed to provide a great wake up or daily wind down stretching workout for tension relief and tight muscles. Stress and anxiety have real consequences, but God is bigger and has given us tools (both physically and spiritually) to combat the effects of those emotions on your body. Overtraining can also create an environment where nutrients and waste have a difficult time moving through your body as designed.

This is a wonderful course to coincide with a fast or detox cleanse. It is also a great way to support your body in any athletic training or fitness routine, as it cooperates with God's restorative process in your body.

I'd love for you to try the first stretching video for free! You can access that under "Detox Day One" in the course curriculum. If you love it, you will certainly enjoy the rest of this 10 Day Detox Stretching course. If you'd like more great reasons to start incorporating stretches into your day, check out this article from the American Council on Exercise, "Top 10 Reasons to Stretch".